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What is Iterative?

Iterative is a collection of 1111 seamless loops, that live on the Ethereum blockchain. They are generated using the p5.js library, with a combination of math functions that explore fractals and geometric shapes in 3 dimensional space.

Presented as point cloud formations, each iteration has been coded and hand-picked by the creator, Orb. The project initially began as a way for him to stay busy, and fight off depression in 2022. It has evolved into a collection with low supply, that does not identity as a PFP project.

Each iteration will be a piece of live code that is housed in a erc-20 token. With 30+ types of iterations, and a wide array of traits, there are a vast array of visual groupings in the collection. There are a few very rare pieces in the entire batch, including 5 non-code generated animation pieces by the artists, CFW, Boxhead, Everfresh, Glowa, and TheHiena.

Pro tip: 5 unique, non-code iterations exist
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